Cumulus Tri-Corner Bass Trap 24” x 2” (Box of 2)

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The Cumulus is a 24” (60cm) equilateral triangle trap designed to be mounted in the upper corners of the room where two walls intersect with the ceiling. This ‘tri-corner’ has long been considered the most effective place for acoustic treatment as bass reflections from multiple surfaces will gather and reflect more in this area than anywhere else in the room. A unique spring-loaded mounting mechanism snaps the Cumulus into the corner using a single eye-hook. Once mounted, the Cumulus creates a 12” (30cm) deep cavity that will effectively absorb frequencies as low as 100Hz. The attractive yet unobtrusive look of the Cumulus makes it perfect for small rooms where bass control is desired, such as vocal booths, home studios and home theater. Each Cumulus kit includes two 24” (60cm) high density glass wool panels, spring loaded mounting mechanisms, eye hooks and T-anchors for easy mounting in most rooms.

Part # Edge Mounting Hardware Qty
Z840-1210-XX Reveresed and bevelled Eye hook, drywall anchor and spring clip included 2

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