Offset Impaler (QTY 8 pack)

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Increase absorption by introducing a 3½" air space behind any Broadway panel. The Offset Impaler will lower the effective frequency by as much as an octave. Features a U-shaped design with pivoting darts for left-hand or right-hand installations. For an extra measure of security, a dab of adhesive can be added between the impaler and panel.

Material 20 gauge galvanized steel
Dimensions 3" x 5" (7.62cm x 12.70cm); Offset 3.5" ( 8.89cm) from wall surface
Attachment Points 4 (Use an appropriate fastener for wall surface)
Max Load Limit 8lbs (3.63kg) dependant on wall fastener
Number per Box 8 per box
Order Number F101-1002-00

* Califorina Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -